When can we expect more styles in the USA?

Soon! We have a lot in the pipeline. Over the next year, we’ll be constantly adding new products. Some of them will be German favorites and some will be new products tailored specifically to American workers and the American work landscape. The work environment and weather are both a bit different in the USA, and we’re making sure our gear will withstand it all.

Where are STRAUSS products made?

We source materials and manufacture our products worldwide, including both the USA and Germany, and we have production hubs that span the world – Europe, North America, Southeast Asia. We aim to manufacture products as close to the consumer as possible, and the manufacturing of our gear often requires specific components, which require manufacturing in certain parts of the world.

What products are made in the USA?

Our commitment to the USA begins with how we source our cotton. We are a proud member of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, and we source the vast majority of the cotton we use globally from US growers.

Beyond that, we’re working hard to bring you our first line of “Made In The USA” STRAUSS gear. We’ll update you when it drops. Additionally, our Iconic range exclusively uses US cotton.

Which products are made in Germany?

We design our product in Germany, where we take pride in being close to our customers. Customer feedback is a key part of our design process. Beyond that, in our high-tech German production facility, we draw on our strong background in mechanical engineering to produce some of our work boots and shoes for the European market.

When can we expect to buy your work boots?

They’re on the way! Our boots have passed all the safety requirements in the EU, but the US has different regulations, and our boots are currently being tested by American regulators. This process takes time. We’ll let you know when they’re approved.

What are your sustainability practices?

At STRAUSS, we assume responsibility not only for our economic actions but also for the health and welfare of our people and environment. We are fully aware that the textile industry is leaving a massive carbon footprint. To combat this, we make an effort to minimize logistics and produce sustainably. At the same time, our family is passionate about supporting educational programs to help train the next generation of workers to lead a more sustainable future. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here.

Where can I physically see the product?

If you happen to be in LA, stop by our showroom in Venice. Why Venice? Well, we started our photoshoots here a decade ago, the people loved our gear, so, we thought, “let’s showcase our finest products here.”

Also, starting in August, we’ll be on a tradeshow circuit across the US, so take a look at our event page to see where you can find us.

Do you have other retail partners?

Right now, no. We’re following our German tradition of staying close to the customer, which means selling directly. If you’d like to see our products in your store, just let us know.

Where can I find information on Shipping and Delivery?

We ship nationwide in the USA. For more details about our shipping and delivery, click here.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. You can find more information here.

Will you offer customized gear?

In Europe, many companies treat our clothes as uniforms, and we’re famous for our customizable and co-branded gear, which we produce in a massive, purpose-built facility in Germany. We have plans to develop a similar program in the USA, but we can’t yet provide you with a timeline.