Our Mission


To outfit builders, farmers, and craftsmen with the best damn workwear in the world. For more than 70 years, we’ve been designing and manufacturing workwear and utility gear in Germany. We take German engineering seriously. Have we considered every detail? You bet. We’re confident it’s the best workwear you’ll ever wear.

Old Picture of Engelbert und Norbert Strauss sitting on a car Old Picture of Engelbert und Norbert Strauss sitting on a car


Our story began in 1948, with Grandpa Engelbert and his brooms.
Yes, his brooms. Not the most exciting tool in the shed, but Grandpa’s village was in dire need of brooms at the time, and Engelbert answered the call.
“Nah am kunden war immer” is what he used to say. “Always stay close to the customer.” And that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.

Today, our family-owned operation is overseen by Henning and Steffen Strauss, Englebert’s Grandsons. Our ostrich logo has come to symbolize far more than just brooms. Nowadays, STRAUSS is sought after by a new generation of workers who value quality equipment and performance clothing that’s as comfortable as it is durable.

Our closeness to our customers is still our biggest driver of innovation.
It’s how we’ve evolved from a mom-and-pop shop to Germany’s workwear leader and a global brand. You, our customers, help us think outside the box, and that kind of thinking has led us to create some highly functional gear.

See our pockets? They’ve been strategically placed, based on rounds and rounds of real-life feedback, to ensure that you can stash and reach your stuff, no matter how you’re sprawling or squatting.
And the fabrics in our work pants? They’re not your dad’s denim and canvas. They’re lighter and tougher, and thanks to a bit of added stretch, wildly comfortable.


We like to think of all our gear as a toolbox that you can wear. But maybe you disagree? Maybe you think we’re missing something? How about you let us know? We’ll take your suggestions to our design studio, just like Gramps would have done.